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Pressptherapy air pressure

Product DescriptionWhat is Magneto Therapy Machine The magnetic field acts on the body, stimulates deeper muscle and nerve tissue, induces muscle contraction and neuromodulation, resulting in extraordinary therapeutic effects. The result is muscle strengthening and toning, less pain, less swell..
B0201 Electric Body Massage G5 Vibrating Cellulite MachineProduct DescriptionB0201 Boxy Type G5 Vibrating Cellulite Massage MachineParts included:-Round massage head of density foam ( Plate massage head): It is used on belly to speed peristalsis. Stomach intestine and excretion.- Massage head with c..
B0304 3 in 1 infrared pressotherapy lymph drainage pressotherapy machineFar infraredAir pressureEMS massage Pressotherapy is a lymphatic drainage treatment which is a necessary procedure after ANY form of body contouring procedures.Pressotherapy reduces water retention and helps the body remove..
WORKING PRINCIPLEThis press otherapy lymph drainage machine adopts microcomputer control, easy to operate, not only for the beauty salon for a special diet and detox, but also suitable for dizziness, headache, neurasthenia, high blood cholesterol, waist, leg pain due to the nervous system,..
B0401 eletric muscle stimulator ems fitness machine / ems fitness equipmentProducts Picture   Features1. With 10 pairss of electro pads.2. 8 varieties of independent waveforms of low frequency to enable muscles do different forms of exercise.3. User-friendly with a large LCD display s..
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