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Vacuum Cupping Therapy

 C0115 5 IN 1 ultrasonic cavitation vacuum butt lifting machineProducts DescriptionFeature 1. 80K strong fat burning, more than 100,000 ultrasonic input per minute, rapid vibration of adipose tissue, compared to the traditional manipulation is simple and fast, no damage to skin, no damage to c..
B0105-694 butt lift machine vacuum buttock body slimming machine / breast enlargement deviceProduct DescriptionPrincipleUoisetion Cavitation 2.0 is offering a new treatment which we believe can potentially replace traditional cavitation. Unoisetion customers can get results they are satisfied with, ..
C0107 breast enlargement cupping vacuum butt lift buttocks enlargement vacuum therapy machineFunction And Theory:1. Negative pressure: The negative pressure inside the cup can make the local capillaries hyperemia, stimulate organs, enhance cell viability, promote functional activities, and improve t..
C0110 breast enlargement butt lift vacuum therapy machine / vaccum butt lift machineProduct DescriptionThe specially designed vacuum pump can quickly improve size and shape or breast, without any aching and health threat, it does not involve silicon injection or pushing and filling bra, it would mak..
Products DescriptionS26 Cool Body slimming Sculpting Machine for beauty equipment / 360 Fat Freezing Cryotherapy Criolipolisis Slimming MachineCriolipolisis Machine IntroductionCryolipolysis is a new, non-invasive way to gently and effectively Reduce fat in targeted areas of the body that resul..
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